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How to consult an online GP, while on a vacation?

Vacations, holidays and trips are the most exciting times when you enjoy with your family and want to stay healthy without messing up all your exciting adventures. In Australia, you may find a number of highly qualified physicians and doctors who can assure you that you can stay healthy and active in your whole life through proper diet and medication at the right time.

But the situation becomes different when you are on travel. During a long trip when you are away from your home and cannot get to your family doctor or general physician when needed, you may need instant help. In such a situation all you need is a reliable, online Telstra ReadyCare GP service to whom you can consult easily and can rely on the prescription given.

If you are not sure about it, here is how Telstra Ready Care works:

Give a call

You just have to give a call to the Telstra ReadyCare to their official number. A receptionist will answer and proceed with the next steps.

Enter your details

You will have to present the details and the symptoms and the receptionist will collect it to confirm if a qualified doctor can help you treat the presented symptoms.

Select your options

You can select an option for a video call if you have got an uninterrupted internet connection or you may select a consultation using phone call.

Set an appointment

Set the appropriate appointment time at which you and a GP can talk conveniently.

Get Live consultation at your convenience

You can then talk to the doctor live at the time given in your appointment.

During the session you will have to pay a reasonable amount as a fee for the GP consultation and you will be getting live help from a qualified and experienced GP. The GP will then give you an appropriate prescription based on your symptoms, which can be collected by your nearby pharmacy. You will also receive your care summary and medical certificate right to your inbox if you need them.


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